New Video – Kauai: Embracing the Journey

The greatest rewards in travel often come when expectations clash with reality.

Such was the case when my wife and I travelled to Kauai, Hawaii this year. After spending hours online and buried in guide books researching all the things to do, places to see, and adventures to have, we arrived in the middle of a series of tremendous thunderstorms that had been already been pounding the island for a week, and would continue off-and-on for our entire stay.

The weather forced us to slow down and enjoy Kauai for the beauty it offered, rather than check off a bunch of pre-conceived activities from our list. We had to re-plan the trip according to Kauai’s schedule, and enjoy the moments we found, rather than jam it into our expectations of what it should be. In fact, it was one of the best trips we’ve ever had.

As with our To Do list for activities, I had a shot list for photos and video that I wanted to shoot while in Kauai. And like the rest of the trip, it changed dramatically once we arrived. The result of all these changes – to our itinerary, to my approach to photographing and recording our travels, and to our mindset about expectations – is this video.

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