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March Photo Gallery: Desert Wildflowers

Spring is the time for desert wildflowers. Many think of the desert as a hot, dry, desolate place, with little more than a couple funny-looking cacti. In fact, the desert can have a spectacular display of wildflowers, especially in the spring. Among the four major deserts in North America, the Sonoran Desert is considered to have one of the best …

New Pictures of Colorado

I’ve added 130 photos of Colorado to the website, although the photos aren’t new, strictly speaking: these pictures of Colorado were on my old website, but most have been re-scanned and touched up to get them looking even better.

January Photo Gallery: Abstracts

This month’s photo gallery features abstracts. Many of these images are close-ups from nature, including bark patterns, lichen, and fungi. The detail and complexity you can find when looking closely can be amazing; I often try to remember this when I find myself in one of those “there’s nothing good to photograph here” moods.