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Martin Beebee

March Photo Gallery: Desert Wildflowers

Spring is the time for desert wildflowers. Many think of the desert as a hot, dry, desolate place, with little more than a couple funny-looking cacti. In fact, the desert can have a spectacular display of wildflowers, especially in the spring. Among the four major deserts in North America, the Sonoran Desert is considered to have one of the best …

New Pictures of Colorado

I’ve added 130 photos of Colorado to the website, although the photos aren’t new, strictly speaking: these pictures of Colorado were on my old website, but most have been re-scanned and touched up to get them looking even better.

New Photos Added Jan 2010

I’ve added a new batch of photos to my galleries, featuring pictures of dogs, Half Moon Bay (CA), and some miscellaneous images. Dogs I had the chance to photograph our dogs in a variety of locations, including the Sierra Nevada, the beach near Half Moon Bay, and in our backyard during a surprise snow storm this winter. The beach and …

January Photo Gallery: Abstracts

This month’s photo gallery features abstracts. Many of these images are close-ups from nature, including bark patterns, lichen, and fungi. The detail and complexity you can find when looking closely can be amazing; I often try to remember this when I find myself in one of those “there’s nothing good to photograph here” moods.

New Photos Added Nov 2009

I’ve added a bunch of new photos to the website, including a pictures from trip to the tattoo shop, nature & landscape images, and, of course, pictures of dogs. A trip to the tattoo shop A big shout out to Justin Shaw of Faith Tattoo in Santa Rosa, CA, who let me photograph him at work creating a tattoo. My …

Fall Colors in the Sierra Nevada

Ah, another quiet weekend of fall colors in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada. I photographed this line of traffic a couple years ago near Sorenson’s Resort, a popular spot for finding autumn colors near Hope Valley, about 45 min. southeast of South Lake Tahoe. Sometimes the most challenging part of photographing autumn color is finding a safe place to park.

PhotoShelter Featured Photographer for October

I just learned that I’ve been selected to be one of 20 featured photographers on PhotoShelter’s home page for the month of October. This picture of a golden retriever puppy will be in the photo slide show on the home page among the work of some great photographers. I’m honored to be chosen to help represent the 40,000+ photographers who …

Autumn Vineyard, California

Wine grape leaf in the fall, Sonoma County, California Autumn is coming, and often overlooked locations for great fall color are vineyards, especially in the California wine country. This photo of an autumn wine vineyard is from Sonoma County, California. (Please note that vineyards are private property. If you don’t have permission from the vineyard owner to be on their …

Photo Location: Sabino Canyon, Tucson, Arizona

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area (part of Coronado National Forest) sits on the Northeast side of Tucson, Arizona, tucked into the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Surrounded on three sides by the Pusch Ridge Wilderness, the terrain ranges from relatively flat to rugged canyons and mountainsides. Miles of hiking trails and even a paved road (closed to traffic) allow easy …